Choose Windsor Assurance for Your Social Security, Medicare and Long Term Education

Life today is all about options and choices, so it's only natural that you want a range of choices when it comes to planning for the future.  At Windsor Assurance, we specialize in providing education to all, irrespective of age or wealth in every aspect of Social Security, Medicare and Long Term Care Insurance.  Education helps overcome any misconceptions you may have over this wide ranging subject.  If you are not financially prepared for a long term care need, your options are extremely limited.  You need to understand how your Long Term planning interfaces with your Medicare.  There are, however, two key questions to ask:

"What is your written plan for care?" - You hope to live a long and productive life, but at some point you may need care at home or in a facility.  What is your plan for this?  To have family members provide care or to rely on the Government to take care of things?  Or do you believe a long term illness will never happen to you?

"How would you pay for this extended care?" - Most likely from your current income and retirement portfolio, right?  But this fund was established to provide a retirement lifestyle, not an extended care situation.  Consider the impact the cost of extended care would have on your family and retirement plans.  A popular thought is that Long Term Care Insurance is something only older people should consider.  In reality, 40% of people receiving care today are between the ages of 18 and 64.  This makes Long Term Care Insurance a product that everyone, regardless of age, needs to carefully consider as an addition to their risk management and financial planning. 

Windsor Assurance recognizes that there is no "One size fits all solution".  As independent advisors we represent many LTC carriers and we will match your needs with the best advice and provider in terms of premium, benefits and ratings.

Peter Madine - Financial Consultation