J. Peter Madine is your Social Secuity & Medicare Benefits Expert

J. Peter Madine is, on all accounts, a trusted and sought-after Social Security, Medicare and Long Term Care planning expert.  Over the last six years,  Mr. Madine has reviewed, studied and applied his specialized knowledge for the benefit of his clients.  Peter's exceptional strength is in reviewing his client's current and future needs and advising on health care plans that optimize their benefit options.  It's not  uncommon for Peter to save, or find his clients thousands of dollars in savings they did not know existed.  "You never know what you don't know, and that can cost you hard earned dollars," says Peter Madine.

The world of Medicare, Long Term Care, and Social Security can be complex and confusing to the average person.  Peter is an excellent communicator and shares his wealth of specialized knowledge with his clients in easy to understand terms.  He takes the time to not only provide exceptional solutions, but to also educate his clients and to make sure they understand the scope of their own benefit options.

Peter currently serves and provides on-going professional advice to over 600 local Arizona residents.  If you have any questions, or want to have your benefits reviewed, you should contact Mr. Madine directly at (602) 350-6156.  Peter believes that each client has a unique story, their own life circumstances, and should receive their own personalized service.  It's Peter's policy to get to know each of his clients personally and he treats them like family.

Each year, Peter re-visits with his clients, reviews their current situation, and makes new recommendations to account for any relevant changes.  Peter always has his eye open for optimizing client's benefits and ensuring the best possible arrangement.  Small shifts in how clients are taking benefits can cause huge gains, save thousands in unnecessary expenses, and improve the overall situation.  You should take advantage of Peter's generous nature and have him review your current situation.  Initial reviews are complimentary, educational and always worth the time invested.

Peter spent 32 years of his life as a British Military Officer and draws from his extensive leadership and command experience.  Peter has a global view of life and has served in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and America.  He has lived in Germany, Brunei, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Peter is proud to call himself a Rotarian and truly believes in the power of networking.  Peter shares his business expertise with others who have the same personal and business values as himself.  Peter is generous with his time and openly shares his knowledge.  He frequently consults with Financial Advisors to provide solutions for their clients.  If you are a Financial Professional or Investment Advisor and have clients that are in need of annual reviews, have special circumstances or just need some specialized advice, J. Peter Madine is available to assist you.

For more information on Peter, schedule a 1-on-1 complimentary evaluation.  You'll make a new friend, have intelligent and productive conversation with an expert, and you just might walk away with ideas that can save you thousands.



J. Peter Madine