Top 3 Reasons Why you Should Have Your Long Term Care, Social Security & Medicare Plans Reviewed by J. Peter Madine

Reason #1:  Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

You have access to a level of experience and education on Medicare and Social Security that helps you understand your unique situation and the options and choices that are available.  We’ve helped many hundreds of clients successfully navigate through the maze of these programs and we bring wide ranging practical advice to you.  We’ll help you understand how it works best for you and assist you with every step.

Reason #2:  Wide Range of Choices When It Comes to Your Care

We have access to a wide spectrum of top quality providers to help meet all your needs.  Giving a wider perspective of the market choices available is important to ensure your solution is the most appropriate.  Whatever solution is arrived at for you can be implemented.

Reason #3:  Windsor Assurance Keeps Up With the Changing Times

We understand the dynamic nature of these important programs. The landscape is constantly changing.   Also, your needs will change – so we assist you in review on a regular basis to ensure that coverage can be maximized with appropriate cost and risks that you’re comfortable with.

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