Why Financial Advisors Trust and Rely Upon Windsor Assurance to Assist them with their Client's Medicare and Social Security Planning

Reason #1:  Our Expertise and Understanding of Medicare

We will work with your clients to help them understand their situation options and choices and create a Windsor Medicare Blueprint.  The "Windsor Blueprint" consolidates all important Medicare information and outlines the client's recommended action steps and timeline. Common questions and client concerns that are resolved include:   

  • Whether Medicare is appropriate at this time
  • What Medicare costs and what is and isn’t covered
  • Which of the options available is the most appropriate for your client
  • Clarifying misconceptions about Medicare and Long Term Care
  • Selecting appropriate Rx (Pt D) coverage.
Reason #2:  Loyalty and Integrity

We will work with your clients on your behalf.  We recognize we’re being brought in as an expert source to assess, educate and provide recommendations to your clients that fit their overall financial plan.

Here is how we interact with you and your clients:

  • We'll recognize and reinforce the Financial Advisor's relationship in each scheduled client meeting
  • Final client recommendations are always coordinated with the Advisor after meeting with their client
  • Understand their unique situation and value long-term relationships
  • On-going review of their coverage and costs.

Reason #3:  Social Security Planning

Understanding the true value of Social Security benefits and how they form a critical part of retirement financial planning is addressed on a personal basis.  There’s no one size fits all solution.  The security of benefits, how they’re calculated and how they can be maximized by a number of claiming strategies is addressed.  We can provide detailed analysis and understanding of the following:

  • When is the best time to claim benefits
  • What are the implications of claiming early or delaying benefits
  • How to increase benefits
  • How to maximize spousal and survivor benefits.

Reason #4:  Everyone Wins!

Clients Win:  Your clients will get qualified, expert advice on their Medicare, Long Term Care, and Social Security options.

Financial Advisors Win:  Advisors have a trusted resource they can rely upon that enhances their Advisor-Client relationship and excludes any uninvited 3rd party advice to their client base.

Windsor Assurance Wins:  We at Windsor Assurance win because we gain a 'new client' and a new Advisor relationship.  Windsor grows by referrals of satisfied clients and Advisors sharing about how they were helped.