What Does Medicare Cover

Original Medicare is the traditional fee-for-service program offered directly through the federal government.  Under Original Medicare, the government pays directly for the health care services you receive.  You can see any doctor that takes Medicare (and most do) anywhere in the country. 

Unless you make another choice, you will have Original Medicare.  You can also choose to get your Medicare benefits from a Medicare private health plan. Medicare private health plans, also called Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C, must offer at least the same benefits as Original Medicare.  They can do this but with different rules, costs and restrictions.  You may be automatically enrolled in a Medicare private health plan if your employer sponsors one when you become eligible for Medicare. 

Below, we take a look at the ABC's and ABD's of Medicare coverage:

Peter Madine - Financial Consultation
  The ABC's and ABD's of Medicare Coverage   mc-whatdoesmedicarecover2